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When you’re on stage or in the studio, your sound is defined by your ability and your equipment. Be sure to pick the highest quality guitar cables to deliver the best to whoever is listening.

When shopping for cables, the general rule is low capacitance, better sound. This means a shorter cable, less than thirty feet, with a solid conductor or fewer wire strands, will produce a more detailed and clear sound than a longer, denser cord.

The performance of the cord rests partly on the design as well. Find a cable containing only two to four conductors, as this will provide a better value over shielded coaxial copper cables. Other than capacitance, there have been improvements in the construction. Utilizing higher purity alloys, whether copper or silver, has developed as an alternative to using wire strands.

The overall goal is to reduce capacitance, and to this end the material insulating the conductor plays a large part. The superior and most common method is to use polyethylene.

To find the best guitar cable, to plug into your Fender Mustang amp, start your search with the growing number of companies who are moving away from mass production of cables made with copper coax. Many smaller businesses will provide better options by selecting a higher caliber of alloy for manufacture, as well. It has a higher price tag, but the results will be worth the price.

The guitar cable for each musician may be completely different. Everyone has a preferred sound that is unique to their playing, and certain types of music are more suited to certain cables. The Vox cables made for their vintage guitars (like an Ibanez RG2EX1) are a good example of this.

Pick up a couple of different brands, test the traditional copper coax against one of the new higher purity alloys. The best choice is the one producing the sound you’re looking for.


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