Writing a Retirement Letter

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When an employee plans to retire, they will usually have to do several meetings with financial advisors and Human Resources so they will be able to understand the legalities along with its major concepts from the company he worked for. In addition, they should speak in advance to their manager when they would plan to retire and other significant things. After all, the parties who are involved would certainly know the date of your retirement.

However, retirement planning needs to be documented in the form of writing. Retirement letter is less likely different from a resignation letter. Retirement situations are different so the letter should be based on your situation.

Below is a guide that will help you write a retirement letter.
1.    Have a professional and pleasant tone. If you are upset with the company, then this is not the right place to express your feelings.
2.    Gather pertinent information such as your intended last date of employment, id number, names of people that will be copied on your letter, and the address.
3.    Begin your letter with a standard business format.
4.    Address Mr. or Mrs to the contact person. You can address this to the manager.
5.    Have a reference on the subject of your letter. For example, (subject: Letter of retirement)
6.    The first paragraph should be clear and simple.
7.    Next is to add the details regarding your employment (years of service, id, and your decisions regarding the continuance of your medical and dental benefits).
8.    With the same paragraph, add the forwarding address. This is very important if you plan to move right after you leave the company. Sometimes address may be lost or it may be missed placed by an employee. By including this, you have cover yourself legally if the Human Resource Office fails to change your specific address in their database.
9.    The final paragraph is optional but it is commonly used. In here, you would like to express your sincerest appreciation and thank you to the company, the management, staffs and co-workers, and the human resource. Since it sounds personal, there number of things that you might want to express or say.
10.    Have a signature line. End it with Sincerely. Leave 3 lines and write your name.
11.    Add few lines below where you write your name and type-in the names of the people you want to receive the copy of your letter.
12.    Print it out and give to your manager. Sign the retirement letter and have it photocopied.

Best Things to Do in Belfast

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Traveling in Belfast, whether for business or pleasure, is a fun and exciting experience. Here are a few suggestions on the best things to do in Belfast City, Northern Ireland.

Take a Tour Around Belfast

Belfast is a compact city located at the banks of the River Lagan in Northern Ireland. Because of its compact size and the proximity of major establishments and buildings from each other, it is possible to get around the city on foot.  Thus, walking tours are very popular in Belfast as knowledgeable guides take tourists around the city and in historical landmarks and major tourist attractions.

Taxi, bus and bike tours are also popular among tourists in Belfast. With such guided tours, visitors get a chance to explore the city on a broader scale. They can choose among the various routes around the city and beyond, if they wish to do so. Belfast is a city full of excitement and things to offer to both guests and residents. The Belfast cultural quarters are great places to start when you can’t decide which to take first. The famous quarters of Belfast are the Cathedral, Queen’s, Gaeltacht, and the extensive Titanic Quarter. With so many things going on in the city, you will never run out of things to do and places to explore.

Discover the Newest Attractions

The rapid economic growth and boom of tourism in Belfast has initiated the brand new attractions in the city. The all-new Metropolitan Arts Centre (MAC) hosts a wide variety of music, arts, theatre and dance in this all-in-one setting. The centre houses theatres, studios, art galleries, a café bar, and workshop rooms among others.

A grand addition to the Belfast skyline is the Titanic Belfast building, right beside the construction site of the legendary RMS Titanic. The building features six stories of historical galleries as well as banqueting rooms. The iconic architectural design highlights four hull-shaped wings surrounding the giant atrium and is a marvel to behold. The building opens in 2012, marking the commemoration of the Titanic’s centenary.

Participate in the Festivals

Belfast is also well known for its fun and lively cultural, arts and music festivals. It’s no wonder why visitors are pouring into the city. All year, the city abounds with colourful people and interesting exhibitions gathered to celebrate many various festivals that made the city an exciting place to live in. Tourists and locals flock towards various music, theatre and dance performances as well cultural and art exhibits and presentations. Never miss a festival whenever you visit Belfast and experience the city first hand.

Click here for one of the best places to stay.


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