How To Rent A Photo Booth Quickly And Effeciently?

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Special events like weddings and birthdays are wonderful and most people do remember to hire a photographer or videographer to record the event. Nevertheless, having a photo booth can be fun. Guests, children and even the chief guests can literally pop in an out of the photo booth making fun and candid photos that will always be memorable. In fact, now most hosts love the idea of keeping guests and children entertained with accessories like a photo booth instead of hiring a videographer. We created a short guide to photo booth rental that should prove helpful.

Finding a photo booth rental

There are thousands of equipment rental agencies and directories online that you can use to find a good photo booth rental. In fact, most wedding planners and event management companies will also offer photo booth rental facilities for customers. We recommend that find a rental agent close to your home to cut down on the delivery and pick up cost.

Assessing the size of the photo booth rental

Make sure that the photo booth fits into the ambiance of your event. Usually, most average-sized photo booths range in size anywhere from 7 feet in height to about 3 feet in width. The booth should be able to fit 2 people comfortably but you can also find booths that will fit three or more people quite comfortably. The height and width is also important, as the photo booth should fit into your hall and through entrances or narrow hallways. Apart from size, there are also several different varieties of photo booth made from metal or plastic or both. You can choose any variety that you like to fit into the ambiance of your ho

Quality of photos

As you want the photos to be memorable, you have to inquire about the camera used to take the photos. Most photo booths will have a DSLR camera or a digital compact camera with a Point and Shoot feature. However, you should know that DSLR cameras have better lenses and better picture quality. The quality of the images is also important. Most agents will use a dye sublimation printer to create the prints. However, don’t take this for granted as some booths use inkjet printers to create photos that may deteriorate with time.


You want the photo booth rental for a special event and you may want additional features that will make your photos unique. Most agents do offer extras but you will have to pay for them. For example, you can get CD copies of photos, personalized banners on every photo, double prints and copies and even different layouts for the host and guests. You will have to pay extra for most these features but they are worth it.

We hope that these few tips have helped you find a rental agent to help you. Make sure you sign a contract for the hire and verify the details on the contract before you sign on the dotted line. Most companies have a range of prices and deals and you can take your time to compare them before you settle on a single agent.

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A Theme Park Day In Alabama

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If you are looking for some wholesome entertainment, then the amusement parks in Alabama have a treat in store for you and the family. There is a wide range of theme parks to choose from each with a novelty factor of its own.

One of the more budget-friendly amusement parks is Southern Adventures located in Huntsville. It has just one roller coaster but plenty of thrill based rides and rides for kids. The children will especially love the carnival-style games section here.

Waterville USA is on the Gulf Shores and works out to be a little more expensive than most other amusement parks. The advantage here is that it is open until 10PM at night. True to its name, there are several water-based rides for children and grown-ups. It too has just one full-fledged roller coaster.

Point Mallard Park is located in Decatur and gives you and the family a brilliant outdoor experience. It is spread over 500 acres in a wooded pine forest and is open all through the year. They also have a seasonal waterpark and facilities for indoor ice skating.

On similar lines is the Alabama Splash Adventure Park at Bessemer. This is a seasonal park open between April and September. You can also have some fun at Splash Beach Water Park and Magic City USA Theme Park when you choose to visit here.

One of the wackiest adventure parks in Alabama is DeSoto Caverns Park. It has over 25 wacky trails to follow, some of the best being the trails known as Panning for Gemstones and Lost Trail Maze. You could also try your hand at water golf located just in front of Alabama’s Big Cave- another place you will find to be just amazing. The park is open all through the year with only the water rides and the butterfly park attached to it being seasonal.

Adventureland is for those who seek thrills and is located at Dotham. It is open all through the year and is a family styled theme park. It has a great figure-eight GO-Kart Track complete with a twisting bridge, turns, curves and some great karts meant for adults and children alike. The park is open all through the year and is reasonably priced.

There are a few tips you need to keep in mind when planning a day out at any of the amusement parks in Alabama. First of all, make sure that the parks you are interested in visiting are seasonal. Also, see if the particular rides you are looking forward to are available. It would be a pity to be all dressed for a water theme park and find out it is not functional on the day you go. In addition, keep in mind travel time, especially if you have children. You do not want them exhausted before getting to the park.

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Chiropractic Treatment to Ease Neck Pain

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Neck pain is something that should never be overlooked since once it becomes persistent for a period of time, you may start to experience neurological symptoms, which may include tingling and numbness, among others. Normally, these complaints are not solely felt along the neck, but also throughout the arm as well as the fingertips. If you start to feel any of such symptoms, this can normally be taken as an indication that your neck problem is getting worse already. The early stage of discomfort is simply stiffness. After which it turns into real pain which can be stinging in nature. Such discomfort and pain will persist to become worst, then the radiating signs and symptoms begin.

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A lot of individuals endure neck pain and many consider such of being extremely annoying. Medical physicians cannot do much to relieve the pain permanently. They can give you medications to ease the discomfort and conduct x-rays as well as other exams to find out what exactly is causing the pain. If they do discover some neck problems, they will most probably recommend that you undergo surgery that can be a really painful procedure, not to mention expensive. Surgery, though required in some cases, should really be deemed as the last resort. Indeed, you can always opt for surgery; however, if you consider it first off, then you take away many other conservative and equally effective options.

If you suffer from back pain, then it would be a good idea to visit a chiropractor prior you consider something serious like surgery. Among the initial things that the chiropractic doctor will do is ask several questions concerning the neck pain that you feel, like when did the neck pain start; are there other parts that hurt besides the neck; what are the measures that you have taken to ease the pain, and so on and so forth. After this the chiropractor will conduct a physical test, which will usually include orthopedic tests, neurological examinations and chiropractic tests. This whole process will enable the practitioner to determine the exact source of your problem and enable him to find the best possible solution for you.

A standard practice of chiropractic physicians is to conduct a thorough neck adjustment. This is basically a type of spinal manipulation, and it is very precise in nature. Neck adjustment is an extremely specific technique and it is widely known to be rather efficient when it comes to permanently relieving neck pain.

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Merits Of Hiring A Property Manager

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Have you ever thought of hiring a property manager? Maybe due to the complex nature of the apartments you have, you have once thought of hiring a property manager. People often want a person to take care of their properties that is in case they have a chain of properties that need close attention.

These days, it has become very hard for non-professionals to fully understand the things that entail property management. Such people either want to venture into investing or be landlords at the same time. The good news is that you can combine both. You can do this by simply hiring a property manager. Doing this will help you divide your time into useful ideas.

By hiring a manager, you will be able to invest into new properties in the market. You will have more free space to do other important things that will expand your wealth. When you hire a manager for your property, you will not have to worry about petty things like rent collection and having to calculate the interest. Instead, your work will be to check fact sheets of big businessmen to keep in touch of what they do to prosper in the real estate business.

You will be able to channel your energy into useful things, like most of effluent business persons do. Successful business people spent most of their time in finding the quality not quantity deals. They use their energy to find deals that will generate revenues for them.

There are many companies that are more than willing to assist in the process of hiring a manager. If the firms are hard to come by, you can browse the Internet to search for companies that will direct you on how to choose a property manager. If you want to move quickly with your business, you should prioritize your duties. You should leave all unimportant duties to the manager. You cannot run all the affairs of your business alone.

Take time search and hire a manager that is patient and has good negotiating skills. A good manager will ensure that all tenants are living well and the repairs that need to be done are taken care of. The manager should be patient and slow to anger as most tenants hand in their rent late yet complain of small things. These basic issues can be best handled by a manager that has a thick skin.

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Five Tax Credits that Can Reduce Your Taxes

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A tax credit reduces the amount of tax you must pay. A refundable tax credit not only reduces the federal tax you owe, but also could result in a refund.

Here are five credits the IRS wants you to consider before filing your 2012 federal income tax return:

1.The Earned Income Tax Credit is a refundable credit for people who work and don’t earn a lot of money. The maximum credit for 2012 returns is $5,891 for workers with three or more children. Eligibility is determined based on earnings, filing status and eligible children. Workers without children may be eligible for a smaller credit. If you worked and earned less than $50,270, use the EITC Assistant tool on to see if you qualify. For more information, see Publication 596, Earned Income Credit.

2.The Child and Dependent Care Credit is for expenses you paid for the care of your qualifying children under age 13, or for a disabled spouse or dependent. The care must enable you to work or look for work. For more information, see Publication 503, Child and Dependent Care Expenses.

3.The Child Tax Credit may apply to you if you have a qualifying child under age 17. The credit may help reduce your federal income tax by up to $1,000 for each qualifying child you claim on your return. You may be required to file the new Schedule 8812, Child Tax Credit, with your tax return to claim the credit. See Publication 972, Child Tax Credit, for more information.

4.The Retirement Savings Contributions Credit (Saver’s Credit) helps low-to-moderate income workers save for retirement. You may qualify if your income is below a certain limit and you contribute to an IRA or a retirement plan at work. The credit is in addition to any other tax savings that apply to retirement plans. For more information, see Publication 590, Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs).

5.The American Opportunity Tax Credit helps offset some of the costs that you pay for higher education. The AOTC applies to the first four years of post-secondary education. The maximum credit is $2,500 per eligible student. Forty percent of the credit, up to $1,000, is refundable. You must file Form 8863, Education Credits, to claim it if you qualify. For more information, see Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Education.

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