A Theme Park Day In Alabama

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If you are looking for some wholesome entertainment, then the amusement parks in Alabama have a treat in store for you and the family. There is a wide range of theme parks to choose from each with a novelty factor of its own.

One of the more budget-friendly amusement parks is Southern Adventures located in Huntsville. It has just one roller coaster but plenty of thrill based rides and rides for kids. The children will especially love the carnival-style games section here.

Waterville USA is on the Gulf Shores and works out to be a little more expensive than most other amusement parks. The advantage here is that it is open until 10PM at night. True to its name, there are several water-based rides for children and grown-ups. It too has just one full-fledged roller coaster.

Point Mallard Park is located in Decatur and gives you and the family a brilliant outdoor experience. It is spread over 500 acres in a wooded pine forest and is open all through the year. They also have a seasonal waterpark and facilities for indoor ice skating.

On similar lines is the Alabama Splash Adventure Park at Bessemer. This is a seasonal park open between April and September. You can also have some fun at Splash Beach Water Park and Magic City USA Theme Park when you choose to visit here.

One of the wackiest adventure parks in Alabama is DeSoto Caverns Park. It has over 25 wacky trails to follow, some of the best being the trails known as Panning for Gemstones and Lost Trail Maze. You could also try your hand at water golf located just in front of Alabama’s Big Cave- another place you will find to be just amazing. The park is open all through the year with only the water rides and the butterfly park attached to it being seasonal.

Adventureland is for those who seek thrills and is located at Dotham. It is open all through the year and is a family styled theme park. It has a great figure-eight GO-Kart Track complete with a twisting bridge, turns, curves and some great karts meant for adults and children alike. The park is open all through the year and is reasonably priced.

There are a few tips you need to keep in mind when planning a day out at any of the amusement parks in Alabama. First of all, make sure that the parks you are interested in visiting are seasonal. Also, see if the particular rides you are looking forward to are available. It would be a pity to be all dressed for a water theme park and find out it is not functional on the day you go. In addition, keep in mind travel time, especially if you have children. You do not want them exhausted before getting to the park.

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