Dietary Supplements for Gout

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Gout is a painful swelling of the joints. Gout commonly occurs in the foot, in particular the large toe, however all joints can suffer from gout. This condition is caused by high volume of uric acid that leaves crystals in the joints causing it to get inflamed. A diet that is high in purine food will likely lead to gout. Purines when broken down become uric acid. It’s no wonder that gout is often found with those who are overweight or obese.

Most physicians will write a prescription for anti inflammatory medication if you come to them suffering from gout.  These drugs will definitely help as far as treating gout, however, they will not solve the problem of high uric acid.  Therefore recurring bouts of gout will happen unless preventive measures are applied to solve the root cause to begin with. There is where gout home remedies come in.

There are preventive approaches that a patient can apply to lower the risk of gout recurring.  Although some say that there is a genetic connection to gout, a lifestyle and nutritional change including the use of supplements is an effective way of preventing a high level of uric acid.

Before recommending some supplements, people suffering from gout should first avoid food that is high in purine.  The list of food that is high in purine can be provided by a dietician or doctor.  Here are some examples of food that must be avoided if you are suffering from gout or have an unusually high level of uric acid:

  • Organ meat like liver, fatty meat, shellfish, beer, sardines, herring, anchovies, mackerel, asparagus, mushrooms, spinach, and poultry, to name a few.

There are a number of dietary supplements that can help reduce the risk of a gout attack.  Some of these supplements not only reduce the systemic problem of high uric acid, they are also helpful in treating the painful symptoms associated with gout.  Here are some examples:

  • Berries – cherries, blueberries and others are known to treat both symptoms and lower uric acid.
  • Celery Seeds – used for thousands of years in the East to cure arthritis and gout.  It also has anti-inflammatory properties;
  • Bromelain – an anti-inflammatory herb found in the stem of pineapples;
  • Quercetin – found in the skin of apples and red onions and responsible for the pigmentation of most fruits is known to reduce acidity in the system including uric acid;
  • Flaxseed – reduces inflammation and acidity

While dietary supplements help reduce the risk of gout, there are possible side effects on certain individuals for some of them.  Furthermore, a dietary change to lose fat is an individually unique form of treatment.  Therefore, it is best that before embarking on a change or trying any gout home remedies, consult your physician.

Do You Have Full Dental Coverage?

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Finding and understanding  full coverage dental plans can be a little complicated. Before deciding on what kind of dental plan that you need, you need to make sure you understand everything there is about dental plans. Finding the right kind of dental coverage is very important and vital to health of your mouth.

Dental coverage is very important. The costs for dental work can be some of the most expensive costs in the world. Many things can happen that would make you have to see a dentist such as an injury, and accident or some kind of illness. The work that you need to have done could end up costing you thousands of dollars to repair and even help you heal.

Understanding full coverage dental insurance can be very hard. There can be many words that you do not understand and they can make it even more hard to understand what kind of dental work that is included and work that is not included in your plan. If have this kind of specific dental coverage, you are going to have premium and deductibles that must be paid and met each year. Most of the dental offices fill out your claim form and submit it for you, but there are ones that do not. Your insurance provider can tell you all about that.

This particular dental coverage is going to be including your basic dental care. You will be provided with a free check up and cleaning each year and preventative illnesses. This can be the most needed coverage since you need to prevent other things from happening. You will have access to minor dental care, but that is when your deductibles and co pay will kick in. Once your deductible has been met, your insurance will kick in and cover the rest.

Dental coverage is very important for everyone and every family. Proper dental coverage can help you maintain your beautiful smile for a lifetime.

Proper Cystic Acne Prevention and Treatment

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There are many types of acne just as there are many types of treatments. Americans will spend thousands of dollars this year trying to get medicines and treatments for their acne problems.

Knowing which type of acne that you have and what the proper remedy is for that particular type of acne will help with treatment. We will discuss one particular type of acne called cystic acne and what is the proper way to treat it.


Acne is an inflammation of the skin when pores become clogged by oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria in the hair follicle. Cystic acne is acne that has become rooted in the deep tissue of the skin. This is the most severe case of acne that one can experience.

This type of skin disease is characterized by a red inflammation around the affected area, it may look like a boil, and it is painful. There are many causes of acne such as overproduction of oil, hormones, and debris buildup but the specific cause of cystic acne is unknown.

Like an infection for a cut, there are varying degrees of that infection so does acne have varying degrees of its infections. This type of acne can occur on the face, back, neck, chest, arms, legs and pretty much anywhere else on the body where there is an accumulation of sweat and hair follicles.


One way to help keep acne from becoming worse and developing into cystic acne is to maintain clean and healthy skin. You can do this by gently washing the skin with non-acnegenic soap once a day.

Avoid touching your face and keeping your hair off of your forehead will also help to reduce the amount of oil the face gathers. Showering after doing physical activities to help keep pores clean from sweat is another good start.


Once you have developed cystic acne treatment will take some time to work because of the severity of the infection.  The best way to treat severe acne is with treatments that only your dermatologist can administer. If this outbreak isn’t treated it will lead to acne scarring.

There are corticosteroids shots that they can give that will reduce the inflammation and help with healing. This treatment will usually take about a week before you start to see the results.

Another treatment that a dermatologist can prescribe is a pill called Isotretinoin. This pill works to reduce the skins oil production as well as help with inflammations and healing. This could take up to 5 months to be effective and needs to be taken twice daily.

There is nothing worse than spending lots of money to fix a problem only to find out that the remedy isn’t as effective as you want it to be. The more we understand about the different kinds of acne the better equipped we are to properly treat them. You should be able to enjoy faster results and even avoid severe breakouts now that you know a little more about cystic acne and how it should be treated.

Problems With Sweating? These Tips May Help.

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If you are one of the unfortunate people who have a problem with excessive sweaty armpits, you do not need to feel that you are alone in this problem. In fact it is a fairly widespread problem that affects many people worldwide. The International Hyperhidrosis Society was formed to help find solutions for people who have this problem. Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excess sweating. Thankfully over the years this society has done a lot of good research and has come up with some very good solutions on how to treat excessive armpit sweating problems.

The reasons people have problems with excessive sweating are varied. Some people have had this problem for a long time, others find it a fairly new problem caused sometimes by things such as a side effect from surgery. In some situations it is just that people have over active sweat glands.

No matter what the reason for it, most people are fairly desperate to do something about it. Medical practitioners can prescribe a strong prescription antiperspirant which helps some people. These antiperspirants are much stronger than the regular antiperspirants that you buy across the counter which is why you need a prescription to get them. Another simple solution to the problems caused by excessive sweating is to buy some armpit pads and put those inside of your clothing. Of course some people are not content to do this, they would much rather actually find a solution to the problem they have with excessive sweating.

Another solution which is quite effective for many people is Botox injections. Botox is injected directly into the armpit where it hinders the sweat glands, and thus controls excessive sweating in the armpit region.  Each injection lasts for quite a while however the solution is not permanent and you will most likely need to go back for further injections in a few months.

Tartar Buildup Removal Guide

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Healthy bright white teeth are not an accident. It requires routine proper hygiene and oral care. According to a Burbank Dentist it is only with regular cleaning check ups that people will be able to keep their teeth healthy. Daily brushing and flossing will go along way in preventing dental decay but alone it is not nearly enough. Only with regular cleanings  can dangerous tartar and plaque buildup actually be removed. As with any health concern prevention is so important.

When it comes to tartar build up you really want to focus on prevent. Tartar Buildup is not really that difficult avoid, but once it forms the damage has begun and it will be hard to remove. Unchecked tartar buildup leads to dental decay, cavity formation, oral infection, and even gum disease and serious tooth loss.

Needless to say it important to keep tartar from forming and staying on your teeth. Tartar is a hard, yellowish brown deposit on found on the surface of teeth typically along the gumline. It is a mixture of mineral salts, food debris, and other substances naturally found in the mouth.

The difficult part is  tartar is just plain hard to remove. You can not just brush or floss it away. It has rough and sticky surface which attracts more food debris making it even bigger. Tartar accelerates plaque formation. Plaque release acidic bacteria that will actually form cavities. When cavities are not removed they will kill the infected teeth. Tartar must be removed before it has a chance to lead to serious oral decay.

Removing tartar once it is built up on a tooth’s surface is not an easy job. It requires a professional  procedure know as scaling. The scaling procedure is very safe and will  cause any damage to your teeth or any general discomfort. The only other way to remove it is to not let it form. Tartar Prevention toothpaste and regular brushing and flossing will be a big help. Also cutting out smoking, drugs, and excessive hard alcohol consumption will greatly reduce your risk of serious tartar buildup.

If you already have some tartar buildup make an appointment with your dentist right away. If not keep up the great oral hygiene. You can learn even more about dental care at

Is It Possible To Cure Depression?

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It has been the rule of thumb; the basic step to approach a problem is to initially understand the nature of depression. Through this approach, you wouldn’t only identify the best solution to your dilemma but you could also save some time wallowing and testing solutions that are not applicable to your current difficulty.

Take the case of depression, in particular. Before treating this emotional state, dissecting its root cause will immediately trigger a recommended action. For example, a family member just lost his or her job because of the ongoing recession. The person is depressed because of self-pity and low confidence.

To target the root cause, you and the rest of the family could talk to him or her and explain that losing a job could be a subtle driving force for them to pursue another work or career. It could also be an opportunity for them to spend more leisure time after working for so many years.

It may seem easy to do but for the patient’s case, overcoming the negativity could actually take time. This is quite normal, especially if the effect of the dilemma is altering their whole lifestyle. But further issues will start to progress if the patient refuses to get out of the sulk he or she is in— either they’re too lazy to look for a solution or already comfortable with all the pessimism they have now. Come to think of it, enveloping oneself in sadness could be quite addicting and appealing sometimes.

But one should remember that dwelling on anxiety doesn’t bear solutions. If you want to help someone undergoing depression, make them realize that troubles will not go away, they just need to step up and triumph over it. It’s also important to keep in mind that each issue deserves a unique approach that would be beneficial to the patient and situation. Sometimes, no rule book or medical wonder could help you find the best solution to your problems.

My depression hurts is a great resource to help you with depression. Check it out today for great info on different depression types.

Back Acne Home Treatment

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Home remedies for back acne is usually what people resort to at the initial signs of acne on your back. This is simply because having them at the back is not normal and perhaps they could be easily removed with some homemade solutions.

However, treating them are not as easy because of the location. Self-medication may be tedious as it is nearly impossible to reach out the back. You have to ask someone to help you apply them. Either that or you struggle with several mirrors, to give you a good view.

Another thing that is troublesome is the fact that the back part is constantly covered with your clothes, meaning if you apply something it  could stain your clothes or your shirt would eventually rub them off. It is better to treat your bacne at night where you could lie for a while to let the products set in.

Here are some popular back acne home treatment. Some treatments could be more effective than the others depending on the severity of your bacne.

* Alcohol is said to be effective in clearing out acne, but it is not highly-recommended because it could be too harsh and could dry out your skin.

* Tomato pulp or paste

* Oatmeal and water are said to be effective since oatmeal exfoliates dry and dead skin

* Try herbal products like soap or lotion as these are less aggravating on your skin.

* Turmeric is also said to be effective on acne, normally it is mixed with different items like neem leaves or mint juice.

* Overnight treatments using lemon juice and rose water are also being practiced by a lot of people. It gives enough time for the juices to be absorbed by the skin.

No matter which back acne home treatment you choose, make sure to keep your back clean at all times to prevent the getting irritated with dirt and excess oil.

Where To Find Full Dental Insurance Coverage

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Full dental insurance coverage is the best kind of dental insurance plan you can get. You will be covered for most dental treatments, and  any cash out will just be on major dental procedures. At any rate, these major dental procedures are generally few and far between.

To find the best full coverage dental insurance, you have a few options. First, you can do it on your own – initially by gathering as much information as you can about your choices. This you can accomplish by using the internet. Most major insurance companies have their own websites, and they will be willing to email you or provide you a quotation online based on your requirements. If you are unfamiliar with the insurance market, you should stick to the known insurance companies who have been in business for a long time.

However, if you like a challenge, and you are interested in trying a relatively new but promising insurance company, then why not get an insurance agent to help you work out the details. With his experience and knowledge, he will be able to put together a full dental insurance coverage with this new company that will benefit you best.

Make sure to ask about the following:

1.    Special offers and discounts – The insurance industry is full of competing firms, all vying for your business. Many of them will be willing to go that extra mile and offer you special promotions or discounts to seal the deal with you.
2.    Premium coverage – It is possible that there are some premiums in the plan being offered to you that you won’t need, and therefore should not pay for. Be sure of your dental condition by consulting with your personal dentist to find out what treatments should be included in the plan. Then, talk to the insurance agent, and have him prepare a plan based on your personal dental needs.

The Anti Cellulite Treatments That Are Available

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The majority of females will get cellulite at some point. It usually appears as lumpy skin on the hips, thighs and buttocks. While it isn’t a serious health issue, it can be a severe cosmetic problem that makes women self-conscious when wearing revealing clothes. This self-esteem issue has not gone unnoticed by various companies and today there are a range of cellulite treatments available including cellulite reduction machines, creams, massage devices and body wraps.

The key thing to know about these anti cellulite treatments is that they all don’t work for everyone and none are permanent. Which means you need to find a treatment that works for you and to continue with it in order to keep the cellulite at bay. The one expectation to this rule is plastic surgery but this is not always successful and has the well known risks that are associated with any type of surgery.

One common treatment is Endermologie. With this technique, a technician uses a hand held device that is attached to a larger machine and rolls it over your problem areas. As the device moves, it sucks and lifts the skin in order to redistribute it and smooth out the fat. The change in appearance is gradual and you will need about a months worth of treatments until you get your cellulite to a level that you are happy with.

Body wraps are another common method. This is based on a well known association with coffee and cellulite. The technique involves having pieces of natural material soaked overnight in an anti cellulite solution of coffee, creams and other ingredients. The material is then wrapped around the body part and left for about an hour. Women have been known to loses inches within a just a single session with this method.

Ionthermie is a relatively new technique that has been brought to America from Europe in recent years. A clay mask is applied to the client’s body and electrical currents are zapped through the clay. The electricity helps to flush out water and to assist the clay’s nutrients to be absorbed into the skin.

Acai Berry Benefits – Small, Yet Powerful Dietary Supplement

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There is a hot new food on the health food market, the Acai berry. It’s not technically a new food since it’s been used by natives of the Amazon rain forests for centuries. But it is new to the ‘civilized world. In many of these countries, Acai berries, in one form or another, make up approximately forty two percent of their diet, and these people hardly ever suffer the illnesses that effect the rest of us. This article will break down the Acai berry benefits and give you some hints as to how to add it to your diet.

The Acai berry has made the list of top ten super foods known today. What exactly are some of the Acai berry benefits? The first is the amount of antioxidants found within it. It has ten times that of grapes and twice that of blueberries. This makes the acai berry a great addition to your diet if you struggle with anti-inflammatory issues or with issues of the cardiovascular system.

It not only helps the cardiovascular system with circulation issues, it’s also great for those with high cholesterol. It’s very rich in antocianine, a substance that helps fight free radicals and bad cholesterol. In addition, another of the Acai berry benefits is its high concentration of fiber and iron. This helps those how struggle with any digestive related disorders.

Those aren’t the only benefits of the Acai berry. If used regularly, the Acai berry helps support a healthy immune system. Those who have added it to their diet find it helps with clarity of mind, as well as mental focus. It’s even said to help improve the libido. Its users have found increased energy and stamina as well. Many also enjoy improved sleep and digestion. Strong evidence also leads many to believe it encourages healthy skin, hair and nails. With all these benefits, it’s understandable that the Acai berry is on the top ten list.

There are many ways to incorporate the Acai berry into your diet. It’s can be found in everything from ice cream, juice, energy drinks to granola bars. You can get it in powdered form or buy it as a liquid juice concentrate. It’s even possible to order the frozen pulp over the Internet to make your own juice or smoothies. The only way you don’t want to use it is straight from the tree. The berries must first be harvested and then the pulp extracted and processed before it can be added to food. No matter what form you decide is best for you, make certain you obtain it from a reputable, organic source. This will help you make certain you receive the full benefit from this tiny, super fruit.

A Brief Overview Of Liposuction Tummy Tuck Procedures

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In the quest for a flatter stomach, liposuction tummy tuck – and sometimes a combination – can often help you achieve the desired results that diet and exercise cannot. If you’re wondering what the differences are in the two procedures, here is a brief rundown of the details:

Liposuction – This is less-invasive than a tummy tuck, and is usually performed on those in good health, who are not significantly overweight and have good skin tone – but still have fatty deposits they can’t get rid of by the health regimen one normally follows to get in shape.

The procedure is usually done in a plastic surgeon’s surgery suite, or an outpatient clinic. For the stomach area, the patient is either given a local or general anesthetic, depending on the amount of fat to be removed and details of the procedure. Small incisions are made in the abdomen and cannulae inserted. The fat is then vacuumed out in a side to side motion. The incisions are sewn up and an elastic pressure bandage is worn by the patient for a period of time recommended by her doctor – this helps to decrease the bruising and swelling that occur from this procedure.

Although you won’t be completely free of these cosmetic side effects until after some months have passed, you might be able to see a subtle difference in the way your stomach looks, in as little as a week after surgery.

Abdominoplasty – A “tummy tuck” is appropriate for those persons who have in-depth cosmetic problems of the stomach area, that liposuction can’t take care of. The criteria candidates must meet for this surgery include being in good overall physical and mental health, and they must have one or more of the following cosmetic problems, as well, including various large fat deposits, extremely saggy skin, and abdominal muscles that have become separated from an event like child-birth, or extreme weight loss.

Before surgery commences, the patient is given general anesthetic to put her under. The surgeon makes an incision below the pubis bone – normally stretching from hip to hip in length. From there, he removes fat, tightens any loose or torn muscles, sutures and bandages the incisions – and the patient is off to the recovery room. She’ll go home with drains in place around the skin of the incision that aid in healing, and a compression bandage to speed up the time it takes for the swelling and bruising to go down. It can take up to up to five months, or more, to see the permanent end result and for the body to completely heal.

Once in a while a patient will have a medical condition severe enough to warrant partial coverage of the cost by an insurance company, but for the most part, this surgery is by choice – which means he takes on the costs himself.

Abdominoplasty and lipoplasty – If a person has the multiple conditions of lax skin, a loose fascia and musculature, PLUS abnormally thick deposits of fat around the stomach area, the doctor may suggest both procedures be done for the best results.

To clarify, unless otherwise ordered by the physician, it’s recommended the fat deposits be removed first by having liposuction, and after three or four months have passed, the abdominal surgery is performed done to tighten muscle and get rid of excess skin. This is the best way to avoid a very long healing period from having both done to the body at once.

In summary, you must first consult your doctor when considering liposuction tummy tuck, to find out which criteria you meet – if any. Also, make sure you educate yourself on the details and costs of what you’ll need to come up with financially – before planning your schedule around a surgery. Also keep in mind, that although modern medicine has moved forward in leaps and bounds over the years, there’s always a risk involved with any type of invasive procedure – no matter how excellent your odds for success appear to be.

Are Condoms Effective?

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Everyone out there has heard a story about someone, and how they got their girlfriend pregnant because their condom broke. Are all of these stories fabrications? Or is the condom a really ineffective way to prevent pregnancy?

Condoms are the only form of contraception that in addition to protecting against unwanted pregnancy, they also have the advantage of protecting against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). However, the question that most people wonder is, “how effective are condoms at protecting against these things?” The truth is that condoms are an extremely effective way to help you prevent pregnancy, if used correctly that is. Of course, it’s not guaranteed that they will work 100 percent of the time, but it’s pretty close to that number. Clinical trials have proved that condoms work about 97 percent of the time if used consistently and correctly.


The truth is that condoms do indeed offer safety from sexually transmitted diseases. Clinical studies have shown that condoms do provide a highly effective barrier from these infections if used correctly. Couples in Europe have actually taken part in these studies, couples where one partner is infected with HIV and the other is not. The condoms have provided complete protection to the individual without the virus.

But What About Those Stories?

If those stories were true, the truth is that condoms on rare occasion can break. Rare meaning that clinical studies have proved that less than 2 condoms in 100 break by fault of the condom. So less than two percent of the time you might have an instance of a condom breaking, that’s pretty effective.

To answer the question, yes, condoms are effective…they are very effective. Condoms are the only contraceptive that helps prevent pregnancy and at the same time give you a highly effective way of protecting yourself from getting HIV or any other sexually transmitted infection.

Three Important Tips Before You Purchase Your Nose Hair Trimmer

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Realizing that your nose hair and ear hair is growing out of control as you age is seriously important for many aging males. Connecting with this fact and realizing that this situation needs to be taken care of can easily be controlled with the regular use of an effective set of nose hair trimmers.

The First Impression Issue
You have to admit, the first impression you make can be really important. Presenting yourself as a properly groomed individual is not only a great way to create that ideal initial impression, it’s vital to numerous new associations you might encounter.  Using nose hair clippers to clip that excessive hair build up is not going to just make you appear improved, it will have a huge impact on how others look at you.

Consider Your Health
By regular use of a nose hair trimmer you will be able to breathe and hear better allowing you to feel better as well. Your nose hairs play a significant position in filtering out objects as they try to enter our bodies during the course of breathing. Cutting nostril hairs rather than plucking them is crucial to maintaining a wholesome respiratory system. Leaving this built in filtration system in place will guarantee that your body can combat objects as they try to enter into your system.

Research Before You Buy
Researching before you purchase your nose hair trimmer will help save you time and money. Sometimes searching for the best product can be time intensive and puzzling. However, taking your time and researching online can help you find the best possible trimmer that will fit your needs. Running down to the local drug store and purchasing the first trimmer you see off the shelf might cost you extra over time. An online research and product review will help you to decide quickly for the nose hair trimmer that you need. The internet is also a great resource to help you determine what price you will have to pay for the nose hair clippers you’ll be buying.

You will discover that there are many makes and styles of nose hair trimmers on the market, but do not let the many selections prevent you from making your purchase today. Remember that your appearance is making a lasting first impression so keep your self looking incredible with the usage of the nose hair clipper.

Why Maternity Support Hose Can Save Your Life

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As it is known women have poor circulation especially in their legs. Poor circulation causes swelling in the legs. It also causes varicose veins that can be life threatening to you and your baby as blood clots are usually formed in varicose veins. Studies show that pregnant have an increased risk of blood clots especially in the last two trimesters.

Normal veins have valves that prevent the blood from flowing back to your feet. Varicose veins have damaged valves that cause the vein walls to curl up and weaken. The blood in varicose veins is not flowing properly which causes the blood to start clotting. These clots can come loose and move from your leg to your lungs and cause pulmonary embolism (a blockage of an artery in your lungs) which can cause breathing difficulties, ischemic damage to lung tissue and in the worst case death. The most usual vein to have damaged valves is the magna saphenous vein that runs on the inside of your leg and thigh.

Surgery to remove the vein or a chemical foam that is injected in to the vein has usually been the solution for varicose veins but when you are pregnant you do not want surgery or chemicals in your body. So what can be done? The solution is a maternity suppot hose.

What is a maternity support hose? Well it adds pressure to the veins in your legs and helps to keep the blood flowing in your varicose veins. They are also comfortable and easy to wear as well as a cheap solution to keep you and your baby safe. Not to mention that they make your legs look better as normal pantyhose do. Maternity support hose is not a standard pantyhose. It is designed specially for the needs of pregnant women. They are very tight around the legs and they are made to fit over a pregnant belly. They can easily be found online but not so often in stores.

How Do Hair Plugs Regrow Hair

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There are several remedies and treatments on the market to deal with hair loss caused by male pattern baldness.  Many of them can help to slow down the loss of hair caused by this genetic medical condition but once the hair has completely fallen out there is really only one way to get hair growing in the balding area.  You need to implant new hair follicles where the old ones have withered up and died.  Of course you can always buy a toupee but this is not a long time solution for most people and it is not growing hair anyway.

Male pattern baldness is the common name for the medical condition Androgenic Alopecia.  This problem is passed genetically from one or the other of your parents which is contrary to the old wives tale that baldness comes from your mother’s side of the family.  In reality, either parent is just as likely to carry the genes responsible for this embarrassing condition and thus just as likely to give it to you at conception.

Androgenic alopecia causes the hair follicles (common name hair roots) to shrink up and stop producing the hair shaft material keratin.  This is caused by a preponderance of the hair follicle to bond with a natural hormonal metabolite called DHT.  This DHT actually inhibits the flow of nutrients from the blood supply to the follicle and chokes off its life.  Once this happens the hair follicles will not longer support hair growth and the man or woman becomes bald.  For men, hair plugs for males are the only option which is affective at getting hair to grow in the bald spot again.  This procedure has been perfected to the point that the hair restoration surgeon can perform the implanting within an afternoon in his or her office and the patient can leave with very little discomfort.

If you have actually lost your hair then this is most likely the best method to get it growing again.


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