Getting Ahead With a Corporate Intranet

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Today’s highly competitive corporate environment requires companies to implement an efficient system to manage information and communication. With a speedy circulation of information over the web, it is also a must for every company to keep up. As companies grow, a corporate intranet is an important factor for success.

A corporate intranet is a private network or website within an organization. It can only be accessed by authorized personnel who usually have their own IDs and passwords in order to login to the system. It is the central point of communication and collaboration within the company and may have multiple applications and programs to facilitate various functionalities to aid in creating, processing and sharing information among company personnel.

Various components and applications can be found in a corporate intranet. Among these are corporate directories, sales tools, customer management tools, project management tools, company news, company forms, documents, and company information. Depending on the type of company and its goals, other applications can be added to enhance productivity, communication and collaboration.

Implementing a corporate intranet offers numerous benefits to the company. Among such benefits include:

Time savings. Company announcements, implementation of new guidelines, etc. can take so much time from employees and company management. With a common website or homepage, employees can access such information simultaneously and be alerted of company updates immediately, thus saving time.

Improved communication. Corporate intranets utilize certain protocols that enable faster and easier communication among employees. Chat rooms, forums, video conferencing and many other tools are available through the intranet.

Efficient business operations. Company operations can be streamlined by providing employees and the tools, programs, software and other tools they need to do their jobs efficiently. Information can be accessed as needed so there are no delays in finishing projects and other tasks.

Enhance collaboration. Between employees, it can be time consuming to agree to meet up in the conference room to discuss a project they’re working on. Through the intranet, employees can collaborate even when they are in separate locations. Communication tools are available and they can work on the same project simultaneously, ensuring the latest files are available for everyone to access.

Cost effective. Without the need to print documents, distribute files manually, send emails individually, or meet up in one location, a company accomplishes more with the resources available. Printing costs, phone bills, travel expenses, and many other expenses can be spared because the intranet offers a central meeting point as well as a repository of documents to be accessed when needed.

Productivity. Last but not least, productivity is greatly improved through an efficient corporate intranet. More tasks can be accomplished at the shortest possible time. Moreover, a company can save on communication costs while improving collaboration and business operations.

With such attributes of a corporate and social intranet, it is important that companies implement their own private intranets and get ahead of the competition and provide better services and products to their clients.


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