How To Rent A Photo Booth Quickly And Effeciently?

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Special events like weddings and birthdays are wonderful and most people do remember to hire a photographer or videographer to record the event. Nevertheless, having a photo booth can be fun. Guests, children and even the chief guests can literally pop in an out of the photo booth making fun and candid photos that will always be memorable. In fact, now most hosts love the idea of keeping guests and children entertained with accessories like a photo booth instead of hiring a videographer. We created a short guide to photo booth rental that should prove helpful.

Finding a photo booth rental

There are thousands of equipment rental agencies and directories online that you can use to find a good photo booth rental. In fact, most wedding planners and event management companies will also offer photo booth rental facilities for customers. We recommend that find a rental agent close to your home to cut down on the delivery and pick up cost.

Assessing the size of the photo booth rental

Make sure that the photo booth fits into the ambiance of your event. Usually, most average-sized photo booths range in size anywhere from 7 feet in height to about 3 feet in width. The booth should be able to fit 2 people comfortably but you can also find booths that will fit three or more people quite comfortably. The height and width is also important, as the photo booth should fit into your hall and through entrances or narrow hallways. Apart from size, there are also several different varieties of photo booth made from metal or plastic or both. You can choose any variety that you like to fit into the ambiance of your ho

Quality of photos

As you want the photos to be memorable, you have to inquire about the camera used to take the photos. Most photo booths will have a DSLR camera or a digital compact camera with a Point and Shoot feature. However, you should know that DSLR cameras have better lenses and better picture quality. The quality of the images is also important. Most agents will use a dye sublimation printer to create the prints. However, don’t take this for granted as some booths use inkjet printers to create photos that may deteriorate with time.


You want the photo booth rental for a special event and you may want additional features that will make your photos unique. Most agents do offer extras but you will have to pay for them. For example, you can get CD copies of photos, personalized banners on every photo, double prints and copies and even different layouts for the host and guests. You will have to pay extra for most these features but they are worth it.

We hope that these few tips have helped you find a rental agent to help you. Make sure you sign a contract for the hire and verify the details on the contract before you sign on the dotted line. Most companies have a range of prices and deals and you can take your time to compare them before you settle on a single agent.

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