The Advantages Of Focus Groups

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Focus groups are groups of people who do extensive research and are asked how they feel—opinions, beliefs and attitudes—about a service, product, concept, idea or advertisement. They are asked certain questions in an interactive group setting where they are encouraged to communicate with other group members.

Basically, a focus group is conducted to find out how certain members of the public perceive, think about and evaluate certain products, services and other ideas and advertisements so as to help with marketing and the promotion of certain products or ideas.

There are certain advantages with focus groups such as: being easier to obtain information from the focus group, easier to understand results, getting information from body language and facial expressions and a faster and more effective way to find out information.

Even though there are many advantages with a focus group, there can sometimes be disadvantages such as the focus group not equally representing the larger population, difficulties in guiding and controlling a focus group, group members feeling pressured to give similar answers to questions asked and the moderator’s skill or lack of skill, affecting the responses of the group members.

Focus groups can be quite helpful when gathering insight into what customers are interested in buying and are most effective when used as part of a marketing, product development strategy or as part of a customer service program. For those using a focus group, it is used mainly to improve or develop services or products. It is important to note that one of the main purposes of a focus group is to obtain information that will change, enhance or create a product or service that is targeted at certain customer areas.

There are various types of focus groups such as customer improvement focus groups, idea focus groups or product focus groups.

There are some who are not sure about how many people should be in a focus group but the ideal size is usually 8-10 people. Those who are selected for a focus group should be chosen because of how familiar they are with a product or service and it also helps that three or more other groups be set up in order to get a good blend of ideas and perspectives.

Keep in mind, that it is important to develop a focus group that has clearly defined objectives and goals. This will enable the group to be successful during the focus group process.

To conclude, focus groups have many advantages and can add value and substance to most advertising and promotional campaigns.


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